Welcome to Chemie im Kontext!

Chemie im Kontext is a project to further develop chemistry education. Studies like TIMSS and PISA have shown: Students' learning success can be improved further. We know from research on teaching and learning that

... every student constructs his or her own knowledge,

... knowledge is situated and should, therefore, be acquired that way,

... situated knowledge can be used and transferred better.

This is where  Chemie im Kontext started off: Chemistry teachers in almost all of the Bundeslaender worked together in regional working groups ("School sets". Accompanied by colleagues from school authorities and science educators, they developed new teaching units for chemistry education - by and by for all grades and types of schools.

The units are based on the teaching conception of Chemie im Kontext: The starting point for a teaching unit is a real-life context which shows the importance of chemistry for everyday life. Chemical subject knowledge is developed in this context and ascribed to basic concepts which are fundamental for all questions in chemistry. The lessons are characterized by as much methodological variety as possible and are conducted in four phases.

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